Absolute Survival

Absolute Survival 1.0

Absolute Survival 1.0 is a futuristic shoot´em up game
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Absolute Survival 1.0 is a futuristic shoot´em up game.
You, as a Universal Soldier, will have to defend yourself from hordes of bug-like monsters, that will try to catch you while you walk in every direction by using the cursor movement keys or W, A, S and D keys. You have a weapon that you will aim moving by moving your mouse, while firing your gun using its left button. Each time you hit an enemy, it will burst leaving a big blood puddle. As a difference with other shoot´em up games, you don´t have to get anywhere, you always move in circles.
You will need to avoid contact with the monsters while killing them. Once you kill them all, you will go to the next level. During the game, should you kill some pink monster, you can pick some power-ups that will you give more strength, extra lives, medical kits, shields and better weapons, with more fire power. If you get the Rage Boost bonus, you can press the right mouse button and kill every monster around you.
Absolute Survival has 24 levels. You will be able to use up to 5 weapon types
This game requires that you´re running Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, in at least a 500MHz processor with 128 MB of RAM,

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s free
  • It´s addictive


  • It´s way too violent
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